Why handmade ceramics are becoming so hot to be collected?

We started to collect handmade ceramics almost ten years ago and at that moment, it was still considered as a “personal hobby”.

Today, handmade small batch ceramics are everywhere in our life.

You can find them in the most trendy stores in Paris, New York or Tokyo: carefully displayed in windows and on shelves to attract stylish eyes.

It is also not surprising to find them in the most popular life style or decoration magazines such as Kinfolk or Marie Claire home. Milk Deco has even devoted the whole issue to this new trend of independent ceramists and boutiques in this year’s Parisian April special edition.

Also, among the more and more demanding millennial, handmade ceramics have replaced other craft goodies and became THE item to buy and to collect. This generation is constantly in research of the most unique and exquisite ceramics to show on their Instagram, pinterest or twitter, since they are very easy to create attractive foodie, lifestyle or any other design images. Until April 2019, we can find more than 347K posts with the hashtag handmadeceramics and 250K posts with handmadepottery on Instagram! Not mention the tons of pins and tweets decicated to handmade ceramics.

“There is beauty in imperfection and having items that are really handmade”, said the fashion designer Steven Alan in his interview with New York Times, who populates his boutiques with Japanese ceramics in his own boutique.

This trend is just the evaluation of people’s recent passion for the craftsmanship, for something which can be touched and can touch people on the same time.

In today’s highly speedy techno-electro society, people feel the urge for something more essential, down to the earth and tactile.

The unique handmade ceramics, always in different glazes and textures, are here to comfort and fill empty souls.

They are also here to elevate food or inner decoration style into higher level.

When we invite friends or cook for our lovers, we want to create a special atmosphere and a willingness to discuss and to share stories through the products we use. Compared to the factory made all same tableware, there is a desire for vessels who tell deeper story about human and about creativity, about how strong our minds are.

Finally, maybe we simple want to see (and to believe), again, all we can create from our own hands.

Different steps to handmade a ceramic object


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