Travel through the landscape that inspired l'Atelier Maen.

"Maen" means "mineral" in Breton.

Maen is the meeting between the craftsmanship and the material, a balance between the savoir-faire and the expression of the nature.

My artistic approach starts from an absolute search through the work of the material and a return to a simplicity of sweetness and elegance. It is an invitation to escape through emotional landscapes, in order to bring some colors to each one’s dream space.

Born in a city near by the sea but living today in the city, I found myself far from the nature and I was tracked by a rhythm of life considering vertiginous, making me lose the notion of time.

Ceramic forces me to slow down, once in the workshop, the material reminds me that it will direct me to somewhere and that there is a time for everything. We all need time in life.

This experimental approach gives me the opportunity to grasp the work of porcelain in its most finesse way and to develop the unique recipes, allowing me to escape through the different effects offered by the art of fire. My passion for the galze is growing but I found myself unable to create in series. My work losts its meaning as soon as it is repeated. The need to push the limits of the material so that each creation is unique quickly took over the notion of the production.

I began to photograph each creation right after they are coming out of the kiln, one after the other, to leave a personal touch on each of them. Photography allows me to take a fresh look at the pieces through the lens, to have another point of view. This staging work led me to work on mirrors. The reflection of colors and lines gives me a third point of view and a new dimension.

Landscapes are drawn, telling a story and taking me into a silent dream. Photography has gradually taken a very important place in my approach and has become my source of inspiration. All these researches offered me a new vision of the life and the details, a new glance on the light, the shades, the reflections, the reliefs, the troughs... finally, I observe things differently.


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