3 tips to choose a perpect minimalist ceramic object!

Updated: Apr 23, 2019

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. —Leonardo da Vinci

Ceramic (or porcelain ) is longtime being considered old-school and out-of fashion. However, it’s material noble and refined, it’s utilization can also be life-time lasting – all these make them difficult to be forgotten.

Recently, ceramic plates, vases, bowls and cups are celebrating its grand return to the public. Its modernization is largely contributed by the new generation of craftsmanship. We will show you in different articles the most popular trends of ceramics/porcelain for your home decoration and explain how you should choose your own ceramic designs.

Today, we are going to show you 3 small tips which allow you to find handcrafted, minimalist and functional tableware.

Let’s go strictly to the point.

Tip N.1: A single form

When we talk about minimalism, we refer to the return to the source, to the simplicity and to essentials. So don’t make things complicated and start to believe in the power of a single line.

A well designed ceramic tableware or decoration do not need to be bling-bling, the form itself can be chic and elegant.

The plates from our Japanese ceramist M. Saito is one of the best examples.

His design is modern, minimalist but incredible powerful, hand thrown and crafted in Japan, the high quality of the porcelain is expressed through the extremely light weight of the plate. We almost feel nothing on hand when holding the plate.

Tip N.2 : A neutral color

Being Minimalist doesn’t mean to stay 0 color, but to choose one main tone in order to match easily with other surroundings.

We stronly recommend some neutral tones such as cream, grey, brown or pastel colors (very trendy at the moment). They match easily with almost all the other colors in your decoration and balance also very well the atmosphere.

The porcelain tableware from our Japanese studio Sakuzan is the master of playing with colors, while remaining minimalist and contemporary.

Tip N.3 : Have fun

Minimalism is nothing to do with being boring : you can still have fun and create some interesting mix & matches using different colors and forms.

The basic rule , however, remains the same: stay simple and don’t make it complicated.

If you want to invite more colors into your decoration, it is totally fine: you only need to decide a neutral color and add one/two colors from your current decoration.



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