The cup is handmade by the atelier SAKUZAN, in Japan.


At the bottom of the mountains of Dachi district, in the small town of Toki, was born the SAKUZAN artisan workshop. Taking advantage of the local artistic climate that has nourished the tradition of Mino pottery, SAKUZAN combines modernity and tradition to create a unique style.​


The collection has a striped pattern called "Shinogi" in Japanese: a pattern that is engraved on the surface of a porcelain object. This irregular edge pattern gives the cups a soft shadow and makes them very poetic, which looks like a flower. 


A collect and to use with the plates from the same Shinogi patterns.


Handmade "Shinogi" coffee/tea cup | Sakuzan

  • H 9.2cm * Ø6.8cm 

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