Japanese Green Oribe Ceramic Plate with wild grass motifs handmade by the ceramist Ando MASAHIKO. The only and unique piece.


Oribe ware is a type of Japanese stoneware recognized by its freely-applied glaze as well as its dramatic visual departure from the shapes and vessels common in Raku ware. Green Oribe (青織部, Ao-Oribe), is the typical colour of Oribe ware, in order to reflect green mountains or riverside scenes. The ceramics were often asymmetrical, embracing the eccentricity of randomized shapes. They are free and vivid just like the wild nature manually painted on each piece.


The oribe dish is usually used in serving sashimi in the most refined Japanese cuisnie which is called Kaseiki in the country; but their different styles and sizes allow us to use them serving in Western cuisine as well, from appetizer, dish to dessert.

Small Fan Japanese Handmade Oribe Ceramic Plate | Ando MASAHIKO

  • Ø 9cm * H 2cm

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