A beautiful and elegant handmade ceramic bowl created by the AtelierMaen, reflecting inspirations she got from her several travels around the world and a reflex on the relationship between humandkind and the nature. 


Two glazes are available: Amber/black and Amber/Water Green.


Maëlenn (AtelierMaen) is fascinated by the clays, creating unique glazes from all what the nature can provide her. This winter collection is a thoughtful work, revealing the original color and face of the mother earth. It is a gift for winter, reminding us how beautiful this season can be: noble, clam and generous, afraid of nothing but false.


Each piece is handmade so unique; its surface is so gentle to touch and more than pleasant to be hold in hand. This bowl pairs perfectly with the cups of the same glaze; to collect and to offer without hesitation.

Landscape, handmade bowl | AtelierMaen

  • Porcelain

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