Unique creation of the Japanese ceramist Yuko KURAMATSU, famous for her Nerikomi technique.


Yuko KURAMATSU, born in Japan but now living in Poitiers, France, is passionate about all manual work since her childhood. 

She practices the famous and complexe Nerikomi technique, which consists of mixing different colored clays. In a Nerikomi piece, it is possible to see several colors, or only one but with different shades. It can represent abstract images like clouds or waves, geometric patterns, or a perfect drawing like flowers. All this, however, is not "painted". These patterns are the perfect result of the mix work of the colored clays through different pigments. 


In this unique piece, Yuko has created, through the mix of the clays, lively Ume flowers. Each flower is different and unique, making the whole plate so gentle and soft.


A piece full of imagination and perfect in its savoir-faire.

Ume flowers plate | Yuko KURAMATSU

  • Porcelain

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