Our Story

Founded in Paris in response to the renaissance of the ceramic arts, Galerie Tokyo is an online gallery offering a carefully curated range of artworks and home ware objects mainly handmade in Japan and in Europe.

It's founder, Jade, shares her particular sensitivity to the art of clay, in its many different forms. Uniqueness and creativity are the common characteristics expressed by each piece presented by the gallery.

All items are carefully curated from Japan or from Europe and some of the objects are the result of a long-term collaboration between the artists and the gallery.  

In Japanese culture, equipping one's home with such crafted objects is the symbol of the person's style and taste. The new generation of Japanese well - established artists are fully engaged in the learning from their youngest age: they develop with experience different skills and characteristics. The rise of the new generation of craftsmen has largely contributed to the modernization of this traditional technique, making an entirely different aesthetic in the design. These pieces are often story-telling pieces, reflecting an excellent savoir-faire.

All the products presented in our gallery required hundreds of hours of work alone: ​​from the first stage of mixing to firing. Each step is important and any error in the process, no matter how small it is, is considered a failure. Only 20% to 50% of the final products will be selected to be commercialized. Each piece has its own color and form, which makes it unique.

We are honored to present their excellent work and we are more than happy to show you that the passion, the perseverance and the creativity - which are expressed through their artworks, is the symbol of a quest for perfection.

And that is what touches us the most in their work.

©2018 by Galerie Tokyo.