Never get enough with this creamy and crispy lemon meringue pie, beautifully served in our "Bird" plate.

Elegant and artistic.

Cooking and serving with endless energy and imagination.

1. "Bird" handmade porcelain plate

2.  Handcrafted brass fork

Proust and his madeleine.


Always in their minimalistic bowls: simple, warm and delicious.

It's not only the souvenir of a madeleine, is the souvenir of our childhood.

3. Minimalistic porcelain bowl

4. Signature Camellia plate


Poached rhubarb, begonias and light coconut mousse, in our signature Ice green plate.


Like a flower floating on the sea.

A true beauty which can not be expressed by words.

5. Signature Ice green plate

6. Handcrafted brass spoon

Dessert in its cocktail cup

7. "Dessert in its cocktail cup"


Rum baba, topped with citruses full of vitamines, in its unique hand thrown porcelain cocktail cup.

Transfer each moment into a real luxury and take a break from daily grind!

Signature plate, glazed with Camelia ashes


Light vanilla mousse with rhubarb, wild strawberries and yoghurt ice cream.


It is pink, it is powerful, and it can not be more fabulous than in our Camellia porcelain bowl.

8. Camellia procelain bowl

6. Camellia procelain bowl

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