Kazuhiro KATASE 片瀬 和宏 

Lives and works in Shizuoka, Japan


After completing his studies in Okinawa, Kazuhiro Katase perfected his technique with master potter Shigekazu Nagae known worldwide for the virtuosity of his sculptural work.

Kazuhiro Katase works on a clay with few impurities, to achieve a corpus with deep, dull tones and a smooth finish. This aspect of creation is connected to a Zen aesthetic that combines functionalism, sobriety and simplicity. *

Each of his work is unique and can be distinguished by details such as the handle which set differently on each of his coffee cup. Glazed or not, we appreciate the refined surface of his creation, like a ray of light, shine on a piece of silk.

* Extract from presentation on Throphéemacocotte.com

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